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Edison Blue Amberol records
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SOME NOTES ON RECORDS: Records are from mixed lots and are priced according to title and cond. When possible, records have been graded audibly; otherwise, records have been graded visually. cond codes are P,F,G,VG, and E, or as otherwise noted. G represents a record in average condition, with some wear, static or defects, but still playable and enjoyable. NB -- no box. NBT -- no box top.

Celluloid records such as Edison Blue Amberols and Indestructible cylinder records shrink with age and often will require reaming. Two minute records of brown or black wax such as the Edison Gold Molded Records are prone to mildew; I have tried to inspect these records for pitting and have noted problems when evident.

If you don't know what kind of record is appropriate for your cylinder machine please consult the Antique Phonograph FAQ or the tutorials on our homepage. In general, 4 minute black wax records should only be played on a machine with a saphire stylus. Blue Amberols are always four minute records, and can play on a machine with a diamond stylus,such as an Amberola. If you have a two minute machine (two minute Edisons were most commonly equipped with a Model C reproducer) then you need two minute black wax (gold molded) records or two minute Indestructible records.

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2051A Dream (Cornet)Couturier2119G++,nb$5
943A Little Bunch of ShamrocksDoyle and Chorus2018G+, lt scratches, mild static,NB$5
285A Love Sick CoonGolden and Hughes2943G, NB, rim splits NAP$8
1266A Matrimonial MixupGolden and Hughes3957G, 5 percent plaster out, nb$5
1426A Wonderful ThingBetsy Shepherd3382G+,nb$3
1089After Toiling Cometh RestBetsy Lane Shepherd4785G,NB,lt to mod static, rim scrach kisses last groove$3
849All Over This WorldFisk Quartette4045G+, NBT,mild static, NBT$20
1797Aloha OiWaikiki Hawaiian Orch1812G,nb,nds slt ream$3
1904Aloha Oi Waltz Medley GuitarSmith and Kolomoku2071F.nb. plaster chp, left rim out$1
1471Anvil Chorus - Il TrovatoreEdison Light Opera Company1989F-,nb, discolred, wear and static, some sound$2
962Aunt Dinah's Golden WeddingHarlan and Collins1563G, NBT, mild static sm plaster chp$5
817Beautiful Isle of SomewhereYoung and Wheeler1742G+, NB$3
1308Ben Bolt In the Gloaming Cornet SoloKryl3547G+,nb$7
1272Birds of SpringOrchestra223G,nb$12
1420Bonnie DoonMarie Narelle1974G,nbt$5
1218Bonnie DoonMarie Narelle1974G+,nbt$15
1639Bonnie Scotland Medley XylophoneDaab2195G+,nb$7
1209Break the News to MotherBallard3438G+, very sm plaster chip plays well$4
2037Broadway RoseLyric Male Quartette4209G++,nds slt ream,nbt$5
974Buck Dance Medley - AccordianKimmble2384G, left rim separating, mild static, NB$4
832Camp Songs US Army No 1Chorus of Male Voices3402F, NB, mod static, 30 percent plaster out$2
1400Cecile Waltz - HesitationNational Promenade Band2545G,nb$5
491Change Your Name Malinda LeeAl Bernard and E. Hare4172F, moderate static, needs ream$3
11Chimes of Normandy Airs No. 1Edison Light Opera Co2000VG, NB$12
1648Clamy GreenGolden and Hughes1837F,nb,discolored with scratches and streaks, playable$3
2030Cleo Fox TrotAll Star Trio3902VG nb nds slt ream$10
1215Clover ClubImperial Marimba Band3563G+,nbt, nds slt ream$6
1608Cross My Heart and Hope to DieAda Jones3166F+, mod static, nb, about 20pct plaster out$2
229Cross My Heart and Hope To DieAda Jones3166G-, moderate static, 20% plaster chip, NB$4
1164Daisies Won't TellHelen Clark and J. Phillips2719F,nb,mod. wear, nds ream$2
966Daly's Reel - One StepVan Eps Banjo Orchestra3236G,NB, 20 pct plaster out$5
921Dancing the Du Da Du Da DaeHarlan and Chorus3138G++, NB$10
858DardanellaGladys Rice and Vernon Dalhart4042G, mod static, rim split NAP$3
1613Dardanella Fox TrotRaderman's Jazz Orch.3965F+, mod static, nds ream, 20pct plaster out,nb$3
1454Darling Nellie GrayMetropolitan Quartet1860G, sounds Ok, rim splt nap, 10pct plaster out, nb$4
1241Darling Nellie GreyMetropolitan Quartet1850G, mild static, nb$4
701Day's Reel One StepVan Eps Banjo Orch3236G-, NB, lt scratches, mod static, five percent plaster chip$4
43Desperate Desmond Drama - RehearsinDuprez2636VG, NB$12
699Dialogue For Three - Flute, Oboe, Clarinet1616G, NB, mild static some lt scratches$5
616Did You Mean All You Told Me Last NightRomain3877VG, NB, needs slt ream$5
1978Do You Sometimes Think of MeMarion Cox and J. Young3305G, mild static, nb$3
947Don't Shut That DoorJones and Murray3135G-, NB, lt scratches, mod static, slt plaster chps$3
1525Dream of the TyrolienneVenetian Inst. Trio1795G+,nb$4
769Dream of the TyrolienneVenetian Inst. Quar.1795G, mod static, NB$3
1353Dream of the Tyrolienne - violin and fluteE.Jaudas and E.Rose8349F, mod mildew static, nbt$2
1535Dreams of GalileeEdison Mixed Quartet2204G+, nb, rim splt hits first few grooves$5
698Dreams of GalileeEdison Mixed Quar.2204G, NB, rim split hits last few grooves$2
1434Ever of Thee I'm Fondly DreamingEliz. Spencer and Chalmers2675G+, nbt$3
1786Everything Brings Rest and YouEd Allen3768F,nb, looks clean but badly eccentric$2
619Everything Is Hunky DoryCollins and Harlan3640G++, NB$15
957Farmyard MedleyPremier Quartet3488G,NB, mild static$5
1197Father O'FlynnCroxton1805G++, nbt$9
1486Favorite Airs from ErminieEdison Light Opera Company1780VG,nb$10
1475Favorite Airs from Rob RoyEdison Light Opera Co2132G,very mild static,nb$5
47Floating Down the RiverPremier Quar2133VG, NB$12
1738For LoveRachel Grant and Billy Murray3693G+,nbt$7
1645Georgia LandVan Brunt1735G++, rim splt nap, about 5pct plaster out, nb$8
874Georgia LandVan Brunt1735VG, NB$7
160God Be With YouEdison Mixed Quar1776G+,NB$10
358God Be With YouEdison Mixed Quar1776needs slt ream, sounds VG, NBT$10
1194God Be With YouEdison Mixed Quartet1776G,nbt, nds slt ream should play fine$5
1309Good-bye, Beloved, Good-byeVirginia Rea and Male Quartet3919VG, box top a little chewed up$20
1198Good-night, good-night belovedEnos Quartet1548G+,nbt$5
377Goodbye Till We Meet AgainHarry Lauder1818G, NBT$9
1406GrannyMarion Cox3900G looks clean, needs ream,nbt$3
1465Gypsy Love SongCroxon and Mixed Chorus2110G+,nb$6
2032Hail to the Spirit of Liberty MarchNY Military Band3262VG,orig top$10
316Harmony BayCampbell and Gillette2372F+, NB, moderate static$3
370Hawaain DreamsWaikiki Hawaain Orch3267G+, needs slt ream, NB$3
1453Hawaiian BreezesWaikiki Hawaiian Orch.3616G,nb, sltly eccentric$2
1782Hawaiian BreezesWaikiki Hawaiian Orch3616G+,nb$3
706Hawaiian Butterfly Medley Fox TrotJauda's Society Orch3223G, mild static, NB, record is dirty$3
1441Hawaiian Hula MedleyLouise and Ferera3065G-, mod static, nb$2
490Hawaiian Hula Medley Guitar DuetLouise and Ferera3065VG, NB$3
864Hawaiian Nights WaltzWaikiki Hawaiian Orch3656G, NB$2
1789Hawaiian SmilesWaikiki Hawaiian Orch4052G+,nb,nds ream$3
816Hello My Dearie One StepJauda's Society Orchestra3291G-, NB$3
633Henry and Hank in VaudevilleKaufman Bros.3230VG, NBT$15
1712Hesitation WaltzNational Promenade Band2292G++,nbt$10
1743Hesitation Waltz - PianoStevens4698G++,nbt$10
48Hi and Si of JaytownPorter and Harlan1523VG, NB$12
77Hilo March (Hawaiian Guitar)Louise and Ferreira2927moderate static, NR, NB$2
653Hiram TuckerAda Jones and Harlan2274VG, NBT$12
1230Hitchy KooCollins and Harlan1605G++,nbt, very slt plaster chp$10
1233Home Sweet Home the World OverBand1600G+,nb$5
1160Homeward BoundBallard3548VG,nb$5
1833Honolulu Home Sweet HomeAloha Land Serenaders5403VG, left lip out, nds ream, nbt$40
1397Honor Thy Father and MotherRomain3199G,nb, sounds OK needs ream$3
1435HosannaAlbert Quesnel2286G,nbt, slightly eccentric nds slt ream$5
1643How Do You DoJones and Hare4963G, some wear, nb, nds ream$5
618Hula Hula Medley Two StepNational Prom. Band1859G+, NBT$10
1674Humoreske ViolinSamuel Gardner2405G+,nb$7
1068I Ain't Nobody's DarlingHarlan4505G+,NB$10
2048I Aint-en Got-en No Time to Have the BluesBilly Murray and Ed Smalle3795G++,nbt, nds very slt ream$40
1157I Called You My SweetheartBallard3294G++, nbt$5
195I Hear You Calling MeEliz. Spencer3133G, NB$5
971I Hope I Don't Intrude - BellsDaab2003G-, NB, 20 pct plaster chp, discolored, nds ream will sound OK$3
1542I Laughed at the Wrong TimeCal Stewart1852F-,nb,scratchy, rim splts into first quarter inch$2
528I Love You Just Like Lincoln LovedPeerless Quar.2312G, NB$5
1737I May Be Gone for a Long, Long TimeShannon Quartet3319G++,nbt$6
138I May Be Gone For A Long, Long TimeShannon Quar3319G,NB$6
1606I Miss that Mississsippi Miss that Misses MeCollins and Harlan3501F, mod static, a few deep scuffs, about 20pct plaster out, nb$2
235I Want To Go Back to MichiganMurray and chorus2507NB, moderate static, bevel rim falling off$4
1425I Want to Love You While the Music's PlayingHeidelberg Quintet1565G++, left rim separated no harm, tiny plaster chp, nb$6
224I Will Love You When EtcRomain1538G+,NB$5
1656I Will Love You When the Silver Threads are ShiningRomain1538G++,nb$5
1366I Will Love You When the Silver Threads are Shining Among the GoldRomain1538G++,nb$5
1745I'd Love to Fall AsleepR. Jones4070G++,nbt$5
2063I'll Sit Right on the MoonEdna Brown1623G+,nb, very sm plaster chps$4
1143I'll Sit Right on the MoonEdna Brown1623G+, very lt scratch running length of record otherwise sounds great, orig lid$25
1779I'll Take You Home Again KathleenOakland2103G, slightly eccentric at start, nb$3
1321I'll Think of You The Rainbow GirlGladys Rice and Vernon Dalhart3532G,nb,10per cent plaster out nds slt ream$4
1532I'm Looking for a SweetheartJones and MurraySpecial GG,nb,a little discoloration, playable$3
963I'm Not JealousRachel Grant3812G, nds ream should play average,NB$3
1687I'm Sorry I Made You CryBallard3502G++,nbt$7
1612I'm Waiting for You Liza JaneCollins and Harlan3623F+, mod static, rim splt nap,nb, 10 pct plaster out$3
953If I Knock the L Out of KellyJones and Chorus2940F, 20 pct plaster out, nds total ream, some scuffs, should be playable$2
1458If I Must Say Farewell KateRomainSpecial CG++,nb$5
1658If I'm Not at the Roll Call Kiss Mother Good-byeHarvey Wilson3630G,nb$4
1744In the EveningVernon Dalhart and Ed Smalle4885G+,nbt$35
356In the Heart of the City That Has NGillette2336VG, NB$5
87In the Heart of the City That Has NGillette2336F, large plaster chip, will play$2
1195In the Shadow of the PinesArchibald and Fish2073G, mild static, nbt$5
1193In the Sweet Long AgoG. Ballard3159G, nbt$4
381In the Valley of the MoonSpencer and Archibald2300G, NB, left rim detach NAP$5
843In Tyrol - Yodel SongKamplain3932G, NB, five percent plaster out, needs ream$3
350Ireland Must Be HeavenVan Brunt3013needs total ream, should sound OK, 40 per cent plaster chip, NB$2
1322It's Nice to Get Up in the Mornin'Ellison3306G-,nb, one third plaster out$3
220It's Time For Every Boy to Be a SolGladys Rice3243moderate static, NB$3
752Jere Sanford's Yodling and Whistling SpecialtySanford1988G-, mild to mod static, NB, needs ream$3
1670Jolly Fellows WaltzSousa's Band1878F+,nb,discolored,some static but playable$3
1679Just a Baby's Prayer at TwilightHomestead Trio3504G,nb, left rim out$3
223Just A Baby's Prayer at TwilightHomestead Trio3504G,NB,moderate static$3
1722Just a Baby's Prayer at TwilightHomestead Trio3504G++, nbt or bottom$5
1442Just a Baby's Prayer at TwilightHomestead Trio3504G, nb$3
1652Just a Baby's Prayer at Twilight - violinH. Soman3633G,nb$3
1494Just a Wee Deogh and DorisHarry Lauder1819G++, green amberol box nbt$20
1667Just Plain DogVan Avery1840G++,nb$9
1231Just Plain FolksAda Jones1771G++,nb. 10 pct plaster chp$4
931Kaiwi Waltz Guitar DuetToots Paka's Hawaiians4031G, needs ream plays G+, NBT$4
1696Kakuda One-Step BanjoVan Eps2571VG,nbt$12
785Kawaihau Waltz - Instrumental DuetFord Hawaiians3129F+, NB,mod static, needs ream$2
961Kentucky BabeManhattan Quartet2399G+,NBT, nds slt ream$7
233Kentucky BabeManhattan Quartette2399G, moderate static, NB$3
102Kentucky BabeManhattan Quartet2399moderate static,NB$4
36Kentucky DaysMurray and chorus1597VG, NB$12
1735Kilauea - Hawaiian PatrolConway's Band3849G+,nbt$6
875KillarneyFinnegan3103G, mod static, NB$3
1682King of the Air March XylophoneDaab2653G++,nb$9
384Kiss Me Again WaltzWaikiki Hawaiin Orch3526G, NB, needs ream$3
1798Kiss Me Again WaltzWaikiki Hawaiian Orch3526G++,nb,nds ream$3
248Kisses The Sweetest Kisses of AllGladys Rice3740F,NB$2
707La Chanson des Nids - Clarinet DuetGiammatteo and Brissett4205F+, NB, plays well with mild to mod static, scratch running length of one groove causes skip$2
1222Land of My Dreams and YouVan Brunt23375G++,nbt$5
829Le Rouli-RouliBand2523G, NB, mod static$4
1852Lead Me to that Beautiful BandStella Mayhew2173G+, nbt, rim split extends into first quarter inch, sounds VG$25
1524Lead Us Heavenly FatherMixed Quartet1936F,nb, discolored and some wear$2
242Let Us Have PeaceWolfram2558G, mild to mod static, NB$5
1541Light As a Feather - BellsDaab1508G,nb, very sltly eccentric$3
1170Lightning ExpressVernon Dalhart5150G+,nbt, nds slt ream$35
1544Lightning ExpressVernon Dalhart5150G+,nds ream,nbt$35
645Little Grey Home In the WestRandolph and Chorus2635G, NBT, left lip out, eccentric, playable$3
1404Long BoySteve Porter3365G,nb$4
1168Loud Speakin' PapaElsie Clark5072G,nds ream,sm plaster chip, mild to mod static, nbt$55
1427Love BlossomMetropolitan Quartet3908G+,nb, needs ream$5
841Love BlossomMetro. Quartet3908G, NB, rim split hits last few grooves$3
1539Love is a Story That's OldMary Carson and chorus2181G+.nb$6
117Love's Garden of RosesR.Miller2778G,NB$5
1527Love's Melody Waltz - HesitationOrchestra2589sounds vg, nds ream,nb$6
1609Love's Old Sweet SongVenetian Inst. Trio1826F, mod static, nds slt ream, nb$2
767Love's RosaryHart3977F+, mod static, has been reamed, eccentric$3
2028Lucia SextetteSodero's Band2609G++ , orig bt$5
1637Mammy's Little Sunny Honey BoyCrescent Trio4307G-, clean but sounds as if it took some wear, nb$3
198Mammy's LullabyPremier Quar3729F,NB,eccentric needs ream$2
1750MargieH. Hindermyer4283G++,nbt$20
1501Marriage Bells Bells and Xylophone DuetBurckhardt and Daab2123sounds vg, left rim separating, nb$8
956Melody in F - Whistling SoloSibyl Fagan3723G+, nds slt ream$10
1095Memories of You In Dear HawaiiLyric Male Quartet3821G+,lt to mod static, NB$3
1740Mickey DonohueJ. Doherty4843G+,nbt$20
1482Midnight Choo-Choo Medley Two StepBand1752G++,nb$7
118Mo-Ana Hawaiian WaltzJauda's Society Orch.3235G+,NB$6
1415Molly Malone - Passing Show of 1919C. Hart3945G, nbt, rim split just kisses first groove, nbt, needs slt ream$5
1016Monastery BellsUnited States Marine Band4704F,NB, some scuffs, half plaster out, nds ream$2
309Moonlight On the LakeKnickerbocker Quartette2278F, NB, moderate static, 5% plaster chip$3
1516Mother's Dear Old ChairHelen Clark and Hindermeyer2316G++,nb$5
1176Mother's Old Sweet LullabyOakland and chorus3472G. nbt$4
980Mrs. Clancy's Boarding HouseEmpire Vaudeville Quartet2059G,NB, mild to mod static$3
1003Music Vot's Music Must Come From BerlinBurkhart1535G++,NB, $7$7
585My Best Girl and MeFavor1510G, NB, plays well rim split hitting first few grooves$5
1240My Hula Hula LoveMetropolitan Quartet1542G+,nbt$8
1851My Little GirlA. Lichty2700VG,nb$5
1156My Lord's Gonna Move this Wicked RaceHann's Emperors of Song5114sounds VG, lt scratch last 5%, nds ream, nbt$150
823My Mother's Evening PrayerBallard4469G-, NBT, needs slt ream$3
780My Mother's Old Red ShawlOakland2126G, NB$3
1274My Old Hawaiian HomePalakiko's Hawaiin Orch.4649G++,nb$3
1724My Waikiki MermaidWaikiki Hawaiian Orch.3227G+,nbt$4
1790Myona Hawaiian WaltzWaikiki Hawaiian Orch3274G+,nb$3
518Nearer My God To Thee - PianoHimmelreich1647F, mod static, sm plaster chip, left lip separting, NB$2
978Nobody KnowsLouise Terrell3941G++,NB, nds slt ream$3
779Non e Ver (Tis Not True)Davies1628G, NB, mod static slt plaster chip$3
1479O Dry Those TearsMary Carson1593G+,nb$4
821O That We Two Were MayingEliz. Spencer and Chalmers2602G, mild static, NB$3
101O That We Two Were MayingEliz Spencer and Chalmers2602G,NB$3
114Oh A Beautiful NightVan Brunt1568G,NB$5
926Oh FrenchyFields3501F+, NB, one third plaster out$2
1736Oh HelenArthur Fields and Chorus3713G+, nbt$7
515Oh How I LaughRachel Grant and Billy Murray4048F-, NB, wear, 20 percent of plaster out$1
1795Oh LawdyAda Jones3780G-,nb, mod static, left lip out$3
2034Oh They're Such Nice PeopleBilly Jones4351VG nbt$50
530Oh What Wonderful Things One Little Girl Can DoFields3257G-, NBT$5
90Oh! How I LaughRachel Grant and Billy Murray4048VG, needs slt ream, NBT$12
1270Oh! Min!Meeker3514G-, nb, 10 pct plaster out$3
357Old Dog TrayVan Brunt3486G, NBT. slightly eccentric needs slt ream$4
1522Old Jim's Christmas HymnAnthony and Harrison2092G++,nb,nds slt ream$11
1102Old Pal Why Don't You Answer MeL.James4184F,NB,sm plaster chp, nds ream,wear, dirt in grooves$2
1354On Board the OregonInvincible Quartette8042G+, lightest of mildew, plays loud and clear,nbt$15
349On My Way To New OrleansCollins and Harlan2650VG, NB$12
590On the Banks of the BrandywineVan Brunt3465G-, mod static, NB$3
924On the Banks of the BrandywineEmmett2357G,NB,mod static, mildly eccentric$4
1129On the Road to Home Sweet HomeJ.Young and G.Reardon3516G+,nbt,sm plaster chp$4
1439One Two Three Four Medley WaltzWaikiki Hawaiian Orch3153G+,nb$3
1190One,Two,Three,Four Medley WaltzWaikiki Hawaiian Orch.3153G+, nbt, rim splt nap$4
1686Only a Pansy BlossomOakland1778G+, a little eccentric,nb$5
78Only A Step to JesusF. East and L. James4030moderate static, NR, NBT$3
1191Only to See Her Face AgainOakland and chorus1947G, 20per cent plaster chp, nds ream, playable, nbt$3
1101Open the Gates of the TempleH.Williamson2711G,NB,lt to mod static$3
1138Out to Old Aunt Mary's - RecitationHumphrey2539G++, orig lid$15
1262Over the Hills to MaryVan Brunt2709G-,nb,lt scratches, nds slt ream, playable$3
1306Pal of My DreamsCharles Hart4887G++,nb$5
1909Patrick Henry's SpeechHumphrey1652VG,nbt$12
1267Peg O My Heart Medley Turkey TrotNational Promenade Band2205G-,sm plaster chp, nds slt ream, left rim bent nap,nb$3
1853Preacher and the BearCollins1560G+,nb$40
1403RebeccaJim Doherty4251G+, nbt$12
1733Red WingPotter and Chorus1543G++,nbt,nds ream$7
760Rev. 21 and The Gate Ajar For MeRev. M.C.Peters2219G, NBT, mild to mod static$5
1720Rev. 21: and the Gate Ajar For MeRev. M.C.Peters2219G++, nbt$10
41Ring Out the Bells for ChristmasBand and mixed quar.2091G, NB, very mild plaster ch$12
1897Ring Out, Wild BellsThe Carol Singers3032G,nb, rim split extends first quarter inch, sounds OK$4
776Roamin in the GloaminHarry Lauder23003G, NB, ten percent plaster out, needs ream, plays well$4
1739Romance - WaltzDella Robia Orchestra4203G,nbt, about half plaster out, nds ream$3
1401Romance Sans ParolesDubinsky3628G, mild static, nb$10
790Safe In the Arms of JesusCalvary Choir3487G+, NB, left lip out$5
218Sailor's Hornpipe MedleyD'Almaine1964F, eccentric, NB$2
2033Sally Green the Village VampPremier Quartette4163G++ nds very slt ream nbt$8
522SatisfiedBernard and Hare4218F, NB, wear needs fifty per cent ream$2
1528Saw Ye My SaviourEdison Mixed Quartet2170G+,nb$11
318Say It AgainRachel Grant and Billy Murray3694F+, needs ream, mild to mod static, NB$3
461Serenade - TitlFlorentine Inst. Trio1527VG, NB$7
95Serenade KotzschmarThe Tolensen Trio1570eccentric,most plater gone, grooves OK,NB$1
1694Shall We MeetArchibald and James3948G+,nbt$12
973She Sang Aloha To MeVan Brunt2954G, NB, nds ream$3
1188She Sang Aloha to MeVan Brunt and chorus2954G mild static but plays well, nbt$4
846She Sang Aloha to MeVan Brunt2954VG, NBT$5
1336She'll Be Comin Round the MountainVernon Dalhart5052VG,nbt$150
1727She's Dancing Her Heart AwayRomain2310VG,nb$7
40She's My DaisyHarry Lauder1817G, NB$12
965Shepherd's Dance - ViolinD'Almaine1885G, mild static, nds ream, NB$5
460Sheridan's RideDavenport1957F, NB. some fine scratches, discolored, but plays well$5
240Sheridan's RideDavenport1957NB, mild to moderate static$20
1150Sheridan's Ride - RecitationDavenport1957G++,orig lid$12
565Show Me the Way to Your HeartJames3706G++, NB$5
1700Si Perkins Barn DanceAda Jones and Spencer2280G++, nbt or bottom$12
1236Silver BellJones and Murray1524G, nb,very sm plaster chp, rim splt NAP, vocalists sound find$3
933Silver StarJones and Murray1858G+,NB$9
74Silver StarGladys Rice and G. Ballard3068VG, NBT$12
1450Silver Threads Among the GoldOakland1547G,nb$3
109Silver Threads Among the GoldOakland1947moderate static, NB$1
828Silver Threads Among the GoldEliz. Spencer and chorus3451G+, NB$3
936Silver Threads Among the Gold (Zimbalom)M. Nagy3206G-, ten per cent plaster out, nds ream, mild static$5
1540Silver Threads Among the Gold - XylophoneLou Chiha Frisco2901G+,nb$3
830Sing Me the RosaryGillette and Mixed Chorus2222G, NB, mod static five percent plaster chip$3
791Sing Rock-a-Bye Baby to MeOakland2331G-, mod static from wear, NB$3
1906Sliding SidNew York Military Band3599G,nb, nds ream$5
1654Smiles Then Kisses WaltzWaikiki Hawaiian Orch.3011G+,nb$3
1107So Long MotherG. Ballard3398G+,NB$5
1414Some Day I'll Make You GladBallard3705G+.nbt,$5
1711Somebody CaresRodeheaver2354G++,nbt$12
262SometimeLucey and Hart3695G+, NB$3
434Somewhere In HawaiiWaikiki Hawaain Orch3575VG, NB$5
1799Somewhere in HawaiiWaikiki Hawaiian Orch3575G++,nb$3
1455Somewhere in HawaiiWaikiki Hawaiian Orch3575G,nb,nds ream$2
1490Song-Bird BellsDaab2094VG,nb$9
1650Songs of Other DaysMetropolitan Mixed Chorus3175G+,nb, left lip out, plays well$8
163Songs of Other Days No 4Metropolitan Mixed Cho3044F,NB$2
312Songs of ScotlandBand2282F+, NB, needs ream should sound OK$3
1602Sour Wood MountainsFiddlin Powers and Family5123G+, nds ream, will sound VG, 4M Amberol box nbt$45
1690Souvenir - MandolinDounis2010G++, Indestructible box nbt$9
657Spring Bird IntermezzoSodero's Band3005G+, lt scratches, NB$5
1972Spring of LoveVenetian Inst. Trio2473G, mild static, nbt or bottom$3
1249Sun Kist Rose Fox TrotKaplan's Melodists4756F+, nb ,20 per cent plaster out, nds ream, rim splts NAP$2
1521Sunshine and RosesGillette2023G,nb$4
652Sweet Cider Time When You Were MinePhillips2962G+, NBT$7
1396Sweet GenevieveIda Gardner3079F, sounds passable rim splt hits first few grooves, nb$2
1717Sweetest Story Ever ToldVenetian Instrumental Trio1946G+,nbt$8
2050Sydney AllenVernon Dalhart5110G,nb,about 25pct plaster out$15
1091SympathyCharlotte Kirwan and H.Hindermyer1717G,NB$3
1895Tell Mother I'll Be ThereWheeler1533G++,nb$3
1794Tell Mother I'll Be ThereMixed Quartet1533G-,nb,sm scratches,plaster chp, mod static$2
979That Grand Old Gentleman Uncle SamArthur Fields3531G-,NB, nds slt ream, lt scratches$4
1409That Mellow MelodyAnna Chandler1588G+,nbt$8
1242That Wonderful Mother of MineOakland3758G+, nb, nds ream$3
18That's How I Need YouGillette1489VG, NB$12
521That's the Song of Songs for MeVan Brunt and chorus2751G+, NB$3
1226The Admiral's BroomPeter Dawson23338VG,nbt$35
1472The Angel's SerenadeMargaret Keyes28109G++, green amberol box nbt, grand opera series$25
1503The Battle EveArchibald and Fish2193G++,nb$5
932The BridgeKnickerbocker Quar.1901VG, needs slt ream$10
1500The Butterfly Flue and Clarinet DuetRose and Rubel1870G++,nb$7
1742The Curse of an Aching HeartOakland2022G, nb$3
1911The Death of Floyd CollinsVernon Dalhart5049G+.nb, nds ream$10
1265The Devil's Dream Medley - ReelsSamuels4000G-,nb, sounds OK nds ream, rim split hits lst few grooves$2
239The Fairest Rose Waltz XylophoneDaab2494NB, needs total ream, should play with moderate static$2
644The Four Jacks - Accordion SoloFrosini4167VG, NBT, needs slt ream$7
1974The Four Jacks MarchNY Military BandSpecial AG+,nb, rim splits nap$3
1534The Golden WeddingJones and Spencer1871G++,nb$7
563The Honeymoon ExpressCollins and Harlan2130F, mod static, rim splits not yet hitting grooves$3
1483The Idol's Eye Selec.Victor Herbert and his Orchestra1731G++,nb$35
1433The Kingdom Within Your EyesTalbot O'Farrell4139G+,nbt$5
76The Land Where the Roses Never FadeR. Clark3591mild static, NB$5
1373The Laughing Girl Has Her Picture TookEthel Olson4558G-,nb, about 20pct plaster out$4
354The Letter Edged In BlackVernon Dalhart508870 per cent of plaster out, sounds OK, NB$10
788The Life Insurance PolicyGolden and Hughes4192P, wear, NB, almost all plaster gone$1
529The Little Old Log Cabin In the LakeMetro. Quar.3573P, NB. plaster chips, scratches, badly eccentric$1
1167The Little Rosewood CasketVernon Dalhart5062sounds VG, clean,tiny rim split causes click in lst few grooves, nbt$35
1229The Miner's Dream of HomePeter Dawson23044G,nbt$10
1678The Mocking BirdEliz. Spencer2826G+,nb$5
1179The MockingbirdEliz. Spencer2826G+, nbt$5
1172The New Gaiety (Banjo)Van Eps5065F, playable,nb, some deep scuffs, 5% plaster chp,nds slt ream$3
1523The Nightingale PiccoloHeidelberg2149G++,nb$5
10The Nightingale (Piccolo)Heidelberg2149VG, NB$12
237The Old Oaken BucketKnickerbocker Quartette2048G, NB, moderate static, needs ream$3
1526The PalmsC.W. Harrison1503G++,nb$9
1515The Peerless MinstrelsPeerless Quartette and coSpecial KG+,nb$5
296The Preacher and the BearCollins1560VG, NB$50
2036The Pussy Cat RagAda Jones and Peerless Quartette2197VG, nbt$35
1607The Revival Meeting at Pumpkin CenterCal Stewart2009F, mod static, scratches, about 20pct plaster out, nb$3
351The Robin and the WrenHarlan and Belmont2430needs ream--only half sits on mandrel, sounds VG, NBT$8
1640The Rosary CornetCouturier2213G,nb$6
1910The Rube and the Country DoctorHarlan and Stanley1875G+,nb$6
1206The Shepherd BoyVenetian Instrumental Trio1578G+,nbt$6
2064The Show Troupe at Pumpkin CenterCal Stewart1912G++,nbt$20
1467The Sweetest Story Every ToldVenetian Inst. Trio1946G,nb,looks very clean nds ream$5
1793The Twenty Third PsalmRev. W.H.Morgan3851G+,nb$6
1653The Valley of LoveAnsonia Instrumental Quartet3200G+,nbt or bottom$5
1474The Valley of PeaceAnthony and Harrison1559G+,nb$10
432The Wedding of the Rose - IntermezzoConway's Band4131F, NB, sm plaster chip, needs total ream$3
1636The Whistler and the DogNY Military Band3055G-,plays OK with mild static, about half the plaster out,nb$3
379There's a Little Bit of Bad, etcJauda's Society Orch3095F+, NB, a third of plaster out$2
1649There's a Little Spark of Love Still BurningVan Brunt2658G++,nb$7
1438There's a Little Spark of Love Still BurningVan Brunt2658G,nb$3
1202There's a Long, Long TrailBallard2835G++,nbt$9
1402There's Egypt in Your Dreamy EyesVernon Dalhart3244G+, mild static, nbt$5
1545Tho I Had a Bit 'O the Divil in MeMcFadden3430G,nb$4
1135Tis But a Little Faded FlowerJohn Young and Frederick Wheeler2172G++, orig lid$6
1481Tis But a Little Faded FlowerAnthony and Harrison2172G+,nb$4
1469Tramp Tramp TrampHarlan and Stanley and chorusSpecial HG+,nb$5
1685Tres Chic One StepNational Promendade Band2165G+,nb$7
1484Trio from FaustAgnes Kimball Miller and Croxton1502G++,nb$8
783Trovatore - MiserereCase and Althouse28197G++, NB$35
1896TyrolAl Bernard and F. Kamplain4511G+,nb,nds slt ream$5
1677Ua Like No AlikeFerreira2685F-,nds ream, about 25pct plaster out,nb$1
1907Uncle Josh and Aunt Nancy Put Up the Kitchen StoveCal Stewart and Ada Jones3890VG,nbt, nds slt ream$20
561Uncle Josh Buys an AutomobileCal Stewart1583G, NB$20
1646Uncle Josh Buys an AutomobileCal Stewart1583G+,nb, nds slt ream$20
649Uncle Josh Keeps HouseCal Stewart1714VG, NBT$20
1850Uncle Josh Keeps HouseCal Stewart1714F, mod static, some small chips in celluloid,nb$4
2029Vamping RoseBilly Jones4317G++ sm rim splt, needs slt ream nbt$250
1449Waialae Medley WaltzWaikiki Hawaiian Orch3141G,sm plaster chp, nb$2
1603Waialae Medley WaltzWaikiki Hawaiian Orch3141G,nb$3
970Wailana WaltzToots Paka's Hawaiians4121G,NB, mild static$4
137Wait And SeeC.Hart3614G,NB,needs slt ream$7
310Wait Till the Clouds Roll ByVan Brunt and cho2849F, NB, needs ream - can't get enough on mandrel to play it$2
238Wake Up AmericaJ. Phillips2919moderate static, eccentric needs ream, NB$3
1018We'll Build A Little House in the USAI. Kaufman and Chorus2695G+,NB,lt static$8
288We'll Have a Jubilee in My Old KentBilly Murray and Chorus2748eccentric, needs ream, NBT, sounds OK$5
1699Wedding of the Winds Waltz - AccordionFrosini1861G++,nbt$10
1780Western Land Fox TrotAll Star Trio3889G+,nb, slt plaster chp, nds slt ream$9
1752What Could Be SweeterHelen Clark and Phillips3878G++,nbt$5
231What Kind of An American Are YouHelen Clark3252F+,NB,$3
1180When I Carved Your Name on the TreeHindermeyer1585G++, nbt$7
136When I Dream Of Old ErinGillette and Cho2121F,NR,NB$2
1213When I Get You Along TonightBilly Murray1602G++,nbt, very slt plaster chp$12
1004When I Leave the World BehindG. Ellison2749G+,NB$4
1237When I Was a DreamerBallard2680G+,nbt$6
1445When I Was Twenty OneEllison4502G+,nds slt ream, nb$3
249When It's Apple Blossom Time In NorGillette2017G, moderate static, NB, slt plaster chips and left bevel rim out$4
954When It's Orange Blossom Time In LovelandG. Ballard and Chorus2923G,NB, eccentric nds ream, left rim peel, mild to mod static$3
1368When It's Wedding Time in LovelandBallard2923G,mild static, nb, sm plaster chip$3
1408When the Daffodils Are BloomingMetropolitan Quartet2632G+,nb$4
1531When the Evening Bells Are ChimingRomain1869G+,nb$4
1166When the Moon Shines Down Upon the MountainVernon Dalhart5413VG, nds slt ream, nbt$50
364When the Ships Come HomeHelen Clark3503G, NB, slt plaster chip$2
1268When the Work's All Done This FallStoneman5188G, nds ream, 20per cent plaster chp, nb$5
942When You and I Were Young MaggieOakland1873F-,20 per cent plaster out, nds ream, looks as if some wear,NB$1
1792When You and I Were Young MaggieOakland1873G,nb,sm plaster chp, nds ream$2
1205When You Look in the Heart of a RoseE. Allen3675G++,nbt$7
1730When You're Gone I Won't ForgetLouise Terrell and George Wilton Ba4040G+,nbt$5
1149Where is My Wandering Boy TonightEdison Mixed Quartet2125G, orig lid, slt plaster cps, nds ream, should play strong$4
837Where Is My Wandering Boy TonightMixed Quartet2125F+, mod static, NB, needs ream$2
335Where Is My Wandering Boy TonightMixed Quar2125G+, NB, needs slt ream$3
1657Where the River Shannon FlowsOakland and Chorus1798G+,sm rim splt nap, nb$6
241Where The Sunset Turns the Ocean'sHarlan1765G, NB$5
433Where The Sunset Turns The Ocean's Blue To GoldBallard3383G, NB$3
1675While The Rivers of Love Flow OnHarrison2305G++,nb$9
949Who Paid the Rent For Mrs. Rip Van Winkle MedleyNational Promenade Band2379G,NB, mod static, lt scratches, slt plaster chp$4
145Who Will Care For Mother NowOakland3128VG$5
1704Why Is the Ocean So Near the ShoreAda Jones2303G+, slt rim separation, nbt$10
683Will It Ever Be the Same AgainR. Jones4051G++, NB, needs slt ream$6
1029With His Hands In His PocketsHarlan3124G+,NB$7
1671Would You Take Me Back AgainRomain2155G+,very clear, a little eccentric,nb$5
1304You Broke My Heart to Pass the Time AwayRomain2366G+, nb$5
1533You Can't Play Every InstrumentBurkhart1791G+,5pct plaster chp,nb$7
1753You Will Never Miss Your MotherAustin and Reneau (Blue Ridge Duo)4961VG, nds slt ream, nbt$100
1741You're Just a Flower From an Old BouquetA. Hall and J. Ryan4967G+,nbt, nds slt ream$20
981You're Just As Sweet at SixtyOakland1746G, mild to mod static, sm plaster chp, NB$3
1394You're Plenty Up to Date for MeVan Brunt2596G+,nbt$7
684You've Been the Sunshine of My LifeL.James4081G++, NBT, needs slt ream$6
1317Zeb Turney's GalVernon Dalhart5081VG,NBT$20

price as noted
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