Victrolas, Amberolas, Grafonolas and other antique internal horn phonographs for sale

Item 776

Edison Amberola VIII

All gone through and ready to go for smooth sailing, this Amberola VIII dates to around 1913. More info
$450an image of Edison Amberola VIII
Item 699

Victrola XVI with L shaped doors

The L shaped doors make this early Victrola XVI something different and collectable. Our price makes it affordable. More info
$650an image of Victrola XVI with L shaped doors
Item 698

Victrola XVI - L Door - Golden Oak

This early Victrola XVI is almost always seen in mahogany, but this example features pretty golden oak. More info
$950an image of Victrola XVI - L Door - Golden Oak
Item 674

Edison C19 Diamond Disc

Beautiful golden oak, original finish Edison C19 Chippendale is in almost as nice shape as when it came out of the Edison factory in 1919. Because we want you to be happy, we'll even include 25 special Diamond Disc records with it! More info
soldan image of Edison C19 Diamond Disc
Item 665

Orthophonic Credenza Victrola

King of acoustic Victrolas, the Orthophonic Credenza, introduced in 1925, is the only way to listen to your 1920s 78rpm records as they were intended to be heard. The resonant bass and lifelike reproduction on these machines always blows the uninitiated out of the water. This spring motor Credenza is in much, much, much better than average condition. More info
soldan image of Orthophonic Credenza Victrola
Item 659

Edison Amberola 30

All rebuilt and ready to go, this Amberola 30 should give you years of trouble free enjoyment. Why settle for a pig-in-a-poke on ebay? More info
soldan image of Edison Amberola 30
Item 627

Period Grafonola

This dazzling polychromed cabinet in English oak represents a one-of-a-kind, possibly custom order Period Grafonola. Put a little work in it, and come out with something unique and wonderful. More info
$3000an image of Period Grafonola
Item 608

Edison Diamond Disc D25

Nondescript and a poor seller at $250, the D25 Jacobean may not have not have been manufactured in a quantity more than 600. That's why only a collector could love it. More info
$1500an image of Edison Diamond Disc D25
Item 527

Victrola XVI, oak, L-door

What's the difference between this and most of the Victor Victrolas you see for sale? The shape of the doors. A few early machines had these enveloping L-shaped doors, and the collectors love them. Here's one in oak, no less. More info
$1500an image of Victrola XVI, oak, L-door
Item 168

Retola art case wicker Victrola

Banish frumpy old Victrola design from your life with this wild art case type design executed in wicker. More info
$2500an image of Retola art case wicker Victrola

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