Antique record cabinets, cylinder record cabinets, and music box base cabinets for sale

Item 787

Opera cylinder record cabinet

King of cylinder cabinets, this Herzog 724 is sometimes referred to as the Opera cabinet. It's very scarce in oak, and almost impossible to find in mahogany. And the cabinet you can purchase here is in mahogany! More info
$4500an image of Opera cylinder record cabinet
Item 786

Regina music box base cabinet

This original mahogany base cabinet will fit a 15.5" Regina or similar music box. Stop searching for one --they are very scarce -- and start enjoying your music box even more. More info
$650an image of Regina music box base cabinet
Item 774

Edison cylinder record cabinet - mahogany

This large impressive mahogany cylinder cabinet has six drawers and claw feet. Be a person of substance by owning a cabinet of substance. More info
$750an image of Edison cylinder record cabinet - mahogany
Item 773

Edison cylinder record cabinet - oak

This well constructed six drawer oak cabinet is the perfect companion to any cylinder phonograph. More info
$750an image of Edison cylinder record cabinet - oak
Item 565

Victor VI matching cabinet

Think the Victor VI is rare? How about a matching double fronted cabinet, a mirror of the Victor VI down to the gold plated pillars. More info
$10,000an image of Victor VI matching cabinet
Item 408

Serpentine cylinder record cabinet

Excellent worksmanship is the essence of this serpentine cylinder record cabinet, which follows the lines of miniature oak high boy. More info
$1200an image of Serpentine cylinder record cabinet
Item 164

Wicker Victrola custom cabinet

A Victrola cabinet with a twist: there's no Victrola in it. You set in your own tabletop machine. This custom cabinet from the great wicker craze probably took a version of the Victrola IV. More info
$800an image of Wicker Victrola custom cabinet

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