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Item 259Tin transfer box
Don't let the tin transfer case deceive you -- you won't believe how much sound fits into the palm of your hand from these early 1850s or so music boxes with fine cut combs. More info
$600an image of Tin transfer box
Item 261Nicole fat cylinder orchestral interchangeable
The biggest Swiss music box you will ever behold, from the most revered name in Swiss music boxes. This fat cylinder Nicole has everything: bells, castinet, extra cylinders, and a base cabinet. Don't forget to clear a wall for it. More info
$30,000an image of Nicole fat cylinder orchestral interchangeable
Item 318Thorens musical stein
Even if you're not a drinking man, you can appreciate the virtues of this half century old musical stein. More info
$75an image of Thorens musical stein
Item 449Musical Christmas tree
Celebrate the Holidays all year round with this antique wind-up musical Christmas tree, with cylinder music box inside. More info
$450an image of Musical Christmas tree
Item 468Spectacular large 1850s musical jewelry box
An ornate, exquisite, large, intricately veneered jewelry box from the 1850s with hidden compartments and musical movement. We'll never know what wealthy aristocrat was the orignal owner. More info
soldan image of Spectacular large 1850s musical jewelry box
Item 583Eleven inch Mermod music box cylinders
Triple the value of your machine with a pair of cylinders for an early Mermod interchangeable music box. You can't get them anywhere else. More info
$700 for the pairan image of Eleven inch Mermod music box cylinders