Antique phonograph, Edison, Victrola, and music box parts for sale

Item 823

Grille for Orthophonic Credenza

Spruce up your Orthophonic Crendenza with an original grille and grille cloth. More info
$200an image of Grille for Orthophonic Credenza
Item 780

Victor Horn - Blue Sunburst

This original, colorful Victor accessory morning glory horn with blue sunburst will brighten your machine, and your day. It will fit almost all Victor rear mounts. More info
$350an image of Victor Horn - Blue Sunburst
Item 741

Edison Cygnet Bracket

Reproduction cygnet brackets never look or feel right. Add this original Edison bracket and a cygnet horn, and your machine cannot be told from old. More info
$75an image of Edison Cygnet Bracket
Item 679

Edison Business Phonograph Lid

Lid for the Edison Business phonograph of 1905 was unique to the machine. If your machine survived without a top purchase it here -- you'll never find it anywhere else. More info
$100an image of Edison Business Phonograph Lid
Item 676

New Standard Reproducer -- Original box

Be the very first to ever hear this Diamond Disc reproducer, still in the original box and still screwed to the original wooden crating. More info
soldan image of New Standard Reproducer -- Original box
Item 652

Victor D turntable

Original cast iron twelve inch Victor turntable. Don't settle for a wrong or missing turntable. Keep your machines original, and add value to them. More info
$250an image of Victor D turntable
Item 641

Victor Exhibition reproducer

Listen to your acoustically recorded records on your Victrola as they were intended to be heard. This Victor Exhibition, the best reproducer of its era, has been rebuilt. More info
$125an image of Victor Exhibition reproducer
Item 640

Victrola No. 2 reproducer

Why settle for tinny, buzzing, feeble sound on your 78rpm records? This rebuilt Victrola No. 2 reproducer was the highest state of the art in 1917. Try it, you'll be amazed at the difference. More info
$100an image of Victrola No. 2 reproducer
Item 625

Madame Hendren doll crank

Bring your phonograph doll back to life with this original crank. More info
soldan image of Madame Hendren doll crank
Item 618

Edison recorder - original box

Be an Edison recording star like Billy Murray and Ada Jones with this original recorder still in the original box. More info
soldan image of Edison recorder - original box
Item 611

Columbia front mount horn

Often missing, seldom replaceable, original brass bell horn for small early Columbia front-mount Graphophones. More info
$375an image of Columbia front mount horn
Item 307

All brass morning glory horn

Surprisingly few flower horns were constructed of solid brass. Take a shine to this one. More info
$500an image of All brass morning glory horn
Item 305

Columbia Eagle - lid

Graphophone missing its lid? That's like Abbott without Costello, Burns without Allen, Hillary without Bill. Make its life complete with an original top. More info
$150an image of Columbia Eagle - lid
Item 237

Mira music box case - Nine inch

A totally empty case for a small Mira. More info
$300an image of Mira music box case - Nine inch
Item 235

Criterion music box lid

I've never received a Criterion music box without a lid, but someone else must have one, because we have the lid. Was this yours? Maybe you can use it regardless. More info
$100an image of Criterion music box lid
Item 234

Music box case - Perfection

It's well known that the Perfection music box wasn't perfect, but this case seems capable of being adapted to some other movement. More info
$150an image of Music box case - Perfection
Item 174

Hawthorne and Sheble woodgrained Star horn

Cool original grain job will really make your machine. The oversize threaded end will only work in H and S derivative stuff. More info
$600an image of Hawthorne and Sheble woodgrained Star horn
Item 156

Kalliope music box combs and bedplate

Upperworks from a small music box, probably Kalliope brand. Lots of useful parts for the industrious scavenger. More info
$400an image of Kalliope music box combs and bedplate
Item 127

Victor Junior belled horn

The right and proper horn to complete your Victor Junior. More info
$300an image of Victor Junior belled horn
Item 122

Victor petalled horn - repainted

Don't waste your money on a reproduction. A can of black spray paint can give you a passable original Victor horn. More info
$250an image of Victor petalled horn - repainted
Item 84

Victrola type brakes

If even time must have a stop, surely so must your Victrola. Stop here if your Victrola type machine needs a brake. More info
$10 eachan image of Victrola type brakes
Item 56

Regina music box governor assembly

Not sure what model this fits, but I'd be more than happy to send detailed pictures and dimensions. More info
$350an image of Regina music box governor assembly

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