Front mount Columbia identification guide

April 1989
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Early AH
Early Columbia AH
AH, early style. Introduced 1901. Shown with extended arm and rod type tone arm.Also sold with short arms.
Late AH Late Columbia AH
AH, late style. Sold with both solid and hollow arms.
Vertical crank AJ
Columbia AJ
AJ, vertical crank. Introduced 1901.
Columbia AJ
Columbia AJ
AJ, middle style, side crank.
Columbia AJ
Columbia AJ
High box AJ. Top: extended arms. Bottom: Short arms.
Columbia AK
AK, early style. Introduced 1903. Also sold with rod type tone arms and wooden tone arms.
AK, no tone arm
 Columbia AK, no tone arm
AK, early style, no tone arm.
Ribbed AK
Ribbed AK
AK, ribbed case.
Columbia AY
AY-AR. Introduced 1904. AY: two spring motor. AR: three spring motor

Photographs Courtesy Norman and Janyne Smith

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