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Index of antique phonographs and music boxes for sale

an image of Edison Home Phonograph, Model B, restored Outside horn phonographs

Edison, Victor, Columbia and other phonographs and gramophones with outside horns.

an image of a Victrola Internal horn phonographs

Victrolas, Grafonolas, Edison Diamond Discs and other phonographs and talking machines with internal horns.

an image of a Regina music box Disc music boxes

Regina, Polyphon, Symphonion, Mira, Criterion and other disc music boxes playing metal records.

an image of a Swiss cylinder music box Cylinder music boxes

Swiss cylinder music boxes

an image of Edison Disc records Records

Cylinder records, Edison Diamond Discs, 78s

antique phonograph parts Parts

Parts for antique phonographs, Victrolas and music boxes

an image of a base cabinet for a music box Cabinets

Record cabinets, Edison cylinder record cabinets, base cabinets for music boxes.

an image of an automaton Automatons

Fine French and German automatons, musical birds, etc.

an image of an organette Pneumatic

Organettes and roll playing mechanical musical instruments.

an image of a book about antique phonographs Paper

Catalogues and books relating to antique phonographs and music boxes.

an image of an antique porcelain Victor advertising sign Memorabilia

Objects tangentially related to antique phonographs and music boxes, such as porcelain advertising signs or items pertaining to the life and inventions of Thomas A. Edison.

an image of a patent model Miscellaneous

A few odds and ends for sale not related to mechanical music.

an image of an antique phonograph dolll Dolls

Antique phonograph dolls

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We buy, sell, and repair antique phonographs and music boxes.

Pick-up and delivery possible in many parts of the midwest, south, and northeast.

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