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Edison Standard Phonograph with combination conversion
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Edison Standard Phonograph - 2 & 4 minute for sale


This Edison Standard phonograph has been retrofitted with the combination conversion kit introduced late 1909, equipping it with the combination gearing that will enable it to play both 2 and 4 minute records. The machine itself, which came with the colorful banner decal, would most likely date to a little after 1904.

I have done all the usual mechanical clean up on this, taking the motor totally apart, inspecting the gearing and pulling and re-greasing the mainspring.

The machine has been beautifully refinished and a quality reproduction decal applied. The upper gear cover is always missing from these conversion kits; I have protected the gearing with a reproduction cover.

Comes with a 14" brass bell replica horn, a Model C two minute reproducer and 5 nice two minute records. Add a Model H reproducer and you'll be all set for anything that Edison might throw at you.

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