Noteworthy News archives

Noteworthy News, the newsletter of the automated music show, was published between 1985 - 2005.

The advertising man.He did whatever it took.
The origin of records. Beware of what you listen to.
A dealer's life. Not brutish and short, but his lot was a hard one.
Little known facts. About better known people.
Music box doctor. Repair hints from our medical musicologist, Nancy Fratti.
Forgotten giant. Hawthorne and Sheble was an industry powerhouse.
Hail, Columbia. Homage to the fathers of the Graphophone.
Go to the source. Like the journalist, the collector needs a primary one.
Who was Leon Douglass? The answer is revealed.
Chicago, the phonograph, and the Fair.The 1892 exhibition was a seminal event.
The phonographic menagerie. Nipper learns it's a zoo out there.
The talk of Ohio. Ohio's native machine was born from a record pirate in Brooklyn.
The uses of amber Its journey from primeval forests to the Higham reproducer.
The role of the lac bug in recorded sound.They were expendable
What was in a name?  When your fate was cast by your moniker.
Out and nearly out of print. A  few sources worth the search.
The U-S Everlasting Story. A durable record, a brittle machine.
Politics, for the Record.Their record spoke for itself.
The articulate doll.To make one wasn't child's play.
Mail order mysteries. Whodunit? Sears was a suspect.
Front-mount Columbia identification guide. With color photographs.
Birth of the Victrola clones The babes of 1912.
Who wants to remain impoverished? >A Noteworthy News quiz.
Ordeal by record. The recordist's trial, and error
Talk-o-Phone identification guide. With color photographs.
Edison's secret partner. "Charles Batchelor shared the profits, but not the glory.
Guys and dolls. The first-ever reference to phonograph dolls by Robin and Joan Rolfs.
Edison's talking doll. Photographed in the original box.
Come Show Your Horn The evolution of the horn on the cylinder phonograph.
Sonora the Supreme A catalogue reprint of the outrageous $1000 machine
Meet the Dealers "A look at our most important people
Meet the Dealers, continued A continuing look at the people of the automated music show.
Pirates of the High Cs Entrepreneurs large and small plundered each other in the 1890s.
1914 America and the phonograph on the eve of the Great War.
I've Got A Secret Industrial espioniage strikes the talking machine industry.
A little light on lamp phonographs Our illuminated manuscript.
Who put the ola in Victrola? Meditation on a linguistic conundrum.

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