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Victor II "Humpback" for sale


This version of the Victor II most likely dates to a few years after 1905. It's the fancy, early version of the Victor II, the one most desired by collectors, fondly referred to as the "Humpback" Two because of the extruding wooden carving on the rear that held the back bracket.

The Victor II is a popular choice for record collectors, offering Victor quality and a motor with a mainspring large enough to easily play through a 78rpm record.

The example here is a nice original machine, meticulously restored, the only reproduction part being the crank.

Cosmetically the cabinet has been professionally refinished with original materials. The nickel plating on the tone arm shows little wear. The back bracket still holds very good original stenciling. And the brass bell horn, the appropriate horn for a Victor II, has a smooth curve with no noticeable dents or dings, and very decent original black paint and original decal. This horn is approximately 16" long with an 11.5" bell.

Mechanically the machine has been gone through and restored. I took apart and cleaned the motor, re-lubricated the turntable shaft bearing, and pulled and re-greased the mainspring, a big job, but important if you don't want the spring to stick to itself as it unwinds. The motor now runs just as smooth as can be.

I also rebuilt the reproducer for maximum sound, and the machine now blasts impressively, as you can hear in the mp3.

No records? I'd be happy to ship you a box of 78s for only the cost of USPS Media Mail.

I invite you to compare this Victor II with an unrestored, or so-called restored machine on ebay or any other venue. You'll be surprised at how much extra value you are receiving here for around the same price.

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