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The automated music show is a special, world-renowned show where dealers from around the world buy and sell antique phonographs, Victrolas, talking machines, music boxes, 78rpm and cylinder records, and everything mechanically musical. Dates for the 2015 show will be posted here.(Map and more info) In the mean time, check out some of our personal offerings:

Item no Company Title Description Price Image
Antique phonographs and Victrolas
Item 682 Edison Edison Opera Phonograph The apex of perfection in an Edison cylinder machine, the Opera's moving mandrel, wooden horn, and acoustic airtightness make it a favorite of collectors worldwide. This version, in mahogany, is considered the most desirable. MORE INFO Mahogany Edison Opera
Item 661 Edison Edison Home Phonograph, Model B This version of the Edison Home was introduced in 1904 and still retains the banner decal. We have rebuilt the machine to give you ultimate fidelity and reliability. MORE INFO Edison Model B Home
Item 692 Edison Edison Standard Phonograph, Model B This rebuilt, restored Edison with banner decal runs and sounds absolutely great. The Standard is very reliable, easy to get parts for, and an excellent starter machine. MORE INFO Edison Model B Standard
Item 687 Edison Edison Model A Home, green oak Completely taken apart, cleaned, inspected, oiled, bad components replaced. This early Edison in the popular green oak case has been restored to give you years of enjoyment. MORE INFO Edison Model A Home
Item 691 Edison Edison Standard Phonograph, two clip The earliest Edison Standard I have ever owned, serial 1911, ca. 1898. This is the rare two clip version of the Model A suitcase type cases. Working, with an unusual early Edison reproducer. MORE INFO $1350 Edison Suitcase Standard, two clip
Item 639 Edison Edison Amberola 30 Compare this Amberola with beautiful golden oak case to a machine on ebay or any other venue, and we guarantee that you will not find one superior to it--it's been completely gone through. Compact, and good sounding with diamond stylus, the Amberola 30 is the most convenient way to play your Blue Amberol records. MORE INFO Amberola 30


Item 662 Columbia Graphophone Columbia Type BD There was never anything else like this expensive, massive mahogany machine: its forward-looking, almost Deco case makes it unique among American talking machines. The triple spring motor gave extended playing time. The original finish, and original fancy Graphophone decals, make it exceptionally nice. MORE INFO Columbia BD
Item 631 Columbia Graphophone Harmony Talking Machine This phonograph,sold by a company in Chicago, used standard Columbia components. The case is very nice with original decal, and the mainspring and drive gear have been replaced. Our price makes it quite affordable. MORE INFO Harmony Talking Machine
Item 686 Columbia Graphophone Columbia AK This little front mount, introduced in 1902, was Columbia's second disc Graphophone as it tested the waters of the disc machine market. This is the rare version that never took a tone arm. MORE INFO Columbia Graphophone Type AK


Item 685 Victor Talking Machine Victor V with wooden horn Gorgeous, professionally refinished Victor V with original ribbed wooden horn. Rebuilt reproducer and new flange make it sound absolutely great. Victor's top of the line machine in oak. MORE INFO Victor V
Item 681 Victor Talking Machine C Zonophone This version of the C Zonophone dates very close to Victor's takeover of the Zon-o-phone company in 1904. It's a rarely seen, all original front mount with all brass horn. MORE INFO C Zonophone
Item 187 Victor Talking Machine Victrola 300 The Victrola 300 was introduced in 1921 at a price of $250. It was a good seller, but you'll find very few like this one. That's because this machine has a hand-painted, bas relief Chinese Chippendale cabinet. $2000 Victrola 300
Item 486 Victor Talking Machine Pooley VTLA The very first internal horn Victrola, with cabinetry done by the Pooley Furniture Company. Sold in limited numbers, with its flat lid it was very different in design than any Victrola that came after it. The name plate read VTLA, a condensation of the new word Victrola MORE INFO Pooley VTLA
Item 665 Victor Talking Machine Orthophonic Credenza No acoustic machine ever sounded as vibrant and lifelike as the Orthophonic Credenza Victrola. The huge exponential horn, the first scientifically designed horn, was folded over upon itself in the cabinet, and at the same time the frequency response of the new electrical recordings was extended around two octaves. All this makes it favorite of 1920s record collectors, and a mighty impressive machine. MORE INFO Orthophonic Credenza


Antique music boxes
Item 657 Regina Music Box Company 15.5 inch Regina music box -- Rookwood As good as it gets, and as good as it sounds. Fifteen and a half inch, double comb, short bedplate console Regina music box in hand-painted Rookwood cabinet. The oil painting is in exceptionally nice condition, and the mechanism has superb tonal quality. MORE INFO Regina music box, Rookwood
Item 541 Regina Music Box Company Regina automatic changer Working, coin-operated 20 inch Regina automatic changer in a mahogany case. The 20 inch discs are considered to have the nicest musical arrangements; the larger 27 inch changers were intended for commercial rather than home use. MORE INFO Regina music box, automatic changer
Item 630 Regina Music Box Company 15.5 inch Regina music box, single comb Early Regina music box, dating to around 1898, in a mahogany case. Includes 10 original records. MORE INFO Regina music box, early
Item 154 Polyphon Music Box Company 19 5/8 inch Polyphon with base cabinet This big Poly with base cabinet sounds exceptionally impressive because the mech has been restored: retuned and redampered. If you heard one of these before and came away unimpressed come listen to ours -- you'll change your mind. $12,000 Polyphon music box
Item 261 Nicole Freres Nicole fat cylinder interchangeable Everything you could want in a Swiss music box, from the most respected manufacturer of cylinder boxes, Nicole Freres: drums, bells, and castinets, with interchangeable fat cylinders, mounted on a beautiful base cabinet. $30,000 Nicole music box
Item 683 Symphonion Music Box Company Symphonion music box This ten and five eights inch Symphonion music box, double comb, sublime harmony sits in a large walnut cabinet, but is available at a small modest price. $1550 Symphonion music box


Cylinder and flat disc records
Item 695 Edison Edison Diamond Disc records We recently purchased an estate containing 1500 Diamond Disc records. Little by little, we're sorting them out, playing them, and posting only the choice ones for you. Here's the first of our selections. MORE INFO Edison Diamond Disc records


Edison phonograph with morning glory horn
Learn the history of Edison phonographs like this one with beautiful morning glory horn, or find one for sale.
Regina music box
You can purchase music boxes here like this short bedplate Regina Reginaphone, unequalled in sound.
Polyphon music box
This restored antique coin-operated Polyphon music box has been available for sale on our site.
Victor Victrola VTLA
The very first Victrola, this model VTLA with flat lid and L-shaped doors, has been available for sale on our site.

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About me.

I'm Lynn Bilton. I bought my first machine in 1972, a Victor Schoolhouse with wooden horn, purchased for $52.50 in Gibson City, Illinois. Since then, I've had everything from a musical snuff box to a military band organ pass through my hands. In 1985 we began the automated music show, which has brought together dealers and collectors from all over the world. The show has run at various locations on the east coast and midwest, and is currently being held in Danbury, Connecticut.

I stand behind what I sell. I won't tell you that everything is in "perfect condition" or "completely restored," because it almost never is. Any detriments are clearly noted in our descriptions.

I am always interested in purchasing unusual machines. I'm also interested in the history of what I sell, and would be pleased to receive copies of any original literature or documents.