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15.5" Regina music box, coin-operated for sale


In the 1890s the music box was still enough of a novelty that people could be persuaded to pay a nickel or a penny to hear it play.

Regina manufactured huge upright coin-operated machines, some of which could change discs automatically in the manner of a jukebox. But you also see a fair number of 15.5 inch table top machines such as this which could have sat in a commercial establishment.

This machine would have been denoted in the Regina catalog as a Style 11, a designation which over the years was applied to a number of different models, although this ostentatious variation with fancy pressed molding and totem pole like pillars is probably the most commonly seen.

I have pulled and gently cleaned the combs on this double comb machine. There are no broken teeth. I also cleaned the star wheel gantry and damper assembly.The motor is running properly.

The coin mechanism on these machines was flimsy and was undoubtedly contentious the moment the machine left the factory. It's rare to see a 15.5" Regina with the coin mechanism complete or with the remaining parts not horribly mangled, and in many cases the coin parts were simply removed and discarded. This machine is no exception. In order to preserve the esthetics of the original machine I have converted the coin slot (which does look cool) to a simple start-stop mechanism. Pull it out and the motor will start. Push it in and the disc will stop at the end of the tune.

The mahogany case is in decent condition but has some nicks and minor distress in keeping with the notion that it once sat in a commercial establishment (how many customers were careless with the crank?). Put another way, the case looks absolutely right for the machine's history.

Good choice if you like the look of coin-operated stuff. Includes 10 very nice original discs.

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