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Regina 20 inch automatic changer

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Perhaps the ultimate in a Regina music box, this 20 3/4 inch automatic changer in an original finish mahogany case is in good original condition. If you've never seen one of these mechanical marvels, the automatic changer is a little like an early jukebox -- the records automatically lift themselves into playing position, play the music, and then remove themselves. You can cycle through the twelve discs, or you can select an individual tune.

Everything on this machine is working properly, including the original coin-operation (it takes a nickel). There are no broken teeth. The dark reflection you see on one of the combs is where I had cleaned some dust with a little lacquer thinner. I did a little work on one of the governor assemblies, and it is now working as it should. The 20 inch Regina is considered the finest Regina musically -- the arrangements on the larger 27 inch machine were intended more for volume in commercial establishments. Fewer 20 inch Regina changers were sold than in other sizes, and it's quite unusual to see one coin-operated like this -- most went directly into homes. You can hear the machine if you click on the listen button below. A full audio file is available upon request. sold

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