A few additional photographs of the Columbia Graphophone Type AB, most commonly referred to as the Macdonald. Thomas Macdonald was Columbia's factory manager and chief engineer, and held a number of significant patents. This open works machine with interchangeable two and five inch mandrels is clearly modelled after the Columbia Q and Columbia Eagle. Although many Columbia machines had a model designation stamped on the left of the chassis this Macdonald carries no identification. The speed control is marked in gradations, unusual for a Graphophone. This machine is stamped with a six digit serial number on the right front bedplate, but it is impossible that Columbia manufactured that many examples. Judging from the number I have seen, production would have been at most in the low thousands, and possibly significantly less than that.

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The all-envelopping lid was secured with only one latch.

Five inch mandrel was securely snugged over the two inch mandrel.

Five inch mandrel removed.

The wing nut on the chassis is loosened and the two inch mandrel is slid into playing position.