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Eighteen Inch Mermod Interchangeable for sale


Mermod Freres interchangeable music boxes are considered by collectors to be of the finest, superb quality, because of both the sound and the beauty of the arrangements.

This sublime harmony piccolo interchangeable with 18" cylinders was the second largest that Mermod manufactured and originally cost over $362, a price that would have made it affordable to only the very affluent. It most likely dates to the early 1890s.

This box is in very good, original unrestored condition. The combs are very clean, and the dampers show little signs of wear. There are no broken teeth. The tip of the far bass tooth is missing. The motor is running smoothly and starts and stops properly.

The carved mahogany case is in good condition, with some very minor nicks or distress commensurate with age. Looking at the pictures it's hard to understand just how substantial and massive this case is. Dimensions are approximately 39" long by 16" deep, and it's so heavy and well made that it takes two people to move it.

There are three 18" cylinders with the box, each playing six tunes. A friend of mine reproduced the colorful tune sheets for two of the cylinders (the third appears to be a custom cylinder).

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